Usb driver for Hikey

Is there any USB driver to execute fastboot?

I’ve tried as a munal , but fastboot doesn’t work.

Step 2: Boot HiKey into Fastboot mode using J15 header
•Link pins 1 and 2 → closed
•Link pins 5 and 6 → closed
•Connect host computer to HiKey board using USB to microUSB cable

Auto Power up Link 1-2 closed
Boot Select Link 3-4 open
GPIO3-1 Link 5-6 closed

•Power on HiKey board by plugging in power adapter
•Esure HiKey is detected by host computere
•Wait for about 10 seconds
•Open Terminal application and execute the following:

Seems like your post got truncated for some reason so we can’t really see what you were trying to execute in the Terminal application.

Is this a new board? Have you ever installed images onto it? Maybe it is not installed with a new enough image that supports booting into fastboot mode. If that’s the case, you can try using or to install first an image that supports it.