USB 3G/4G Modem



Dose anyone know any model of 3G/4G Modem modem that works out of the box with DB410c on Android ?

I have tested a ZTE MF110 and dident seem to work.


Hi Skybax

Define out-of-the-box :wink:

I doubt you’ll find something that is plug and play… Android isn’t really designed for systems where the modem isn’t built in.

However with a bit of effort you might be able to get a dongle to work without recompiling anything. You would have to combine the information at about the ZTE modem with one of the tutorials about how to integrate a USB modem with an Android tablet. Google seems to rather like . I’ve not tried it but the advice on both these links appears to be consistent. Both propose the same three steps albeit in different ways for the two OSs: enable just the modem component, force usb_serial to recognise the modem, and configure PPP.


LTE dongles support

If you’re not interested in tight OS integration you can always use the pppwidget3 . bought to us by the same people ( person? ) who did usb_modeswitch.

I can’t seem to find a link on the developers website for a non playstore download but the apk is easily acquired from other fairly reputable sources