Upstream support status

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what is the u-boot and the Linux kernel upstream support ?

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– Daniel

AFAIK iMX7 SoC is fairly well supported upstream but I don’t think anyone has contributed DT or defconfig patches that are specific for this board (so an interested user would probably have to start from the Compulab SoM configs).

Thanks Daniel.

Do you anything about the u-boot status ?

My answer covered both: it was u-boot that made me recommend starting from the Compulab board over the other iMX7 boards the kernel supports.

Ah ok. Thank you very much!

I tried to boot an 5.0-rc1 kernel with a custom defconfig but it fails to boot. Is there any update since the last message in this thread ?

I’ve not heard anything new.

Do you know who can give an update on this ?

All software for this board comes from NovTech although if they are not doing any upstreaming there might not be any update to get:

@daniel-lezcanolinaro So, the upstream support for this board in both Linux kernel and U-boot has been completed.

You can find the patches below:

Linux kernel: LKML: Manivannan Sadhasivam: [PATCH v2 0/2] Add 96Boards Meerkat96 board support
U-Boot: and

But there are some missing pieces like PMIC and HDMI, I will get to it soon.


Hi Mani,

that’s an excellent news! Thank you very much for letting me know.

Hi Mani,

I was able to boot the kernel 5.3.0-rc3. There are some missing pieces, as you stated before:

  • The CPU1 is not booting
  • The cpuidle driver fails to initialize
  • The cpufreq driver fails to initialze
  • The thermal zone are not defined in the DT

Is there something I can do for the thermal zone and the sensor?

You can get some info from Novtech’s vendor kernel. But as of now, Meerkat96 is currently on my low priority list and I’d be happy if someone pitches in to improve its upstream support :slight_smile:

Do you have a pointer to this kernel?

Never mind, I found it from the info Daniel T gave before.

Actually after digging into the Kconfig options, I was able to:

  • Make cpufreq work
  • Add a thermal zone in the DT

The CPU1 hotplugging is still failing as well as cpuidle.

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