Unable to save changes in UEFI

I have trouble saving changes in UEFI. Everything seems to work fine except when I reset the board, all settings revert back to defaults (e.g. boot order, boot timeout).

I tried every firmware revision I could find on the 96Boards servers. What am I missing?

My board is a LeMaker with 2 GB RAM / 8 GB eMMC.

Are you sure that it is actually capable of saving?

Sure - no. But I fail to see the point of UEFI options if there is no way of changing them. And then there’s the ‘nvme’ partition, supposedly meaning ‘non-volatile memory’. That could be the UEFI’s storage.

The options are there for other devices that do implement the feature. Again, presuming that the feature isn’t implemented here.

I really think that you’re going to have to dig into the code pretty deeply to sort this one out. I’ve never heard anyone discuss these features on hikey. To be honest, the uefi ui isn’t really a user facing interface, so anything there is probably not expected to be used much or at all.

Good luck!