Unable to boot Dragonboard 410C


Hi all,

I have running my DragonBoard 410C with Linux new release 15.07. it’s working fine.

but wifi is not working in compiled binaries of release 15.07.

and on the console msgs, i found that it didn’t find wcnss binaries.

so i configured wcnss binaries as mentioned below steps.

  1. first i add following flags in arch/arm64/configs/defconfig

CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="wcnss.b00 wcnss.b01 wcnss.b02 wcnss.b04 wcnss.b06 wcnss.b09 wcnss.b10 wcnss.b11 wcnss.mdt wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_wlan_nv.bin"

  1. then I put mentioned binaries at their receptive places.

and then after compiling source code, made boot.img and flash it.


i am unable to boot my board with my new boot.img

and then i figured out the problem, i got this.

before Adding wcnss binaries

Boot.img size is 16 MB

and after adding binaries,

boot.img size if 18.5 MB

and at last if i did not add wcnss binaries,

add another binaries to increase boot size more than 16MB.

in that case

so my Dragonboard 410C is not able to boot.

so can anyone help me



Could you please show me your boot log about “find wcnss binaries”?
And could you please check the directory /lib/firmware/? Suppose all
wcnss firmware files are put there.

Yin, Fengwei


Hi Yin,

As mentioned by you, this is logs when we are not giving binaries using extra firmware in kernel

[ 1.886321] wcnss: IRIS Reg: 0x51120004
[ 1.915899] subsys-pil-tz a21b000.qcom,pronto: Direct firmware load for wcnss.mdt failed with error -2
[ 1.915978] subsys-pil-tz a21b000.qcom,pronto: wcnss: Failed to locate wcnss.mdt
[ 1.924239] wcn36xx-msm: probe of a000000.qcom,wcn36xx failed with error -2

and we have already placed wcnss firmware binaries in the directory /lib/firmware.

but when we configure extra firmware in kernel,

i am unable to boot my kernel and stuck at this point.

[350] Updating device tree: start
[430] Updating device tree: done
[440] booting linux @ 0x80080000, ramdisk @ 0x82000000 (2775613), tags/device tree @ 0x81e00000
[450] Jumping to kernel via monitor




Hi Deepak,
The wifi driver is initialized so early (1.9s). I suppose it’s builtin instead of module in 15.07 (Sorry. I get problem to download the 15.07 release in my side and can’t check it).

If my assumption is correct, this is because the builtin wifi driver is initialized too early and the rootfs (firmware) is not ready at that time. The wcnss firmware should be put to initrd if wifi driver is builtin.
One workaround is building wifi driver as modules. We will check it at the mean time.

You can’t attach the firmware to kernel image because the boot.img will be too large for boot partition. That’s why it can’t boot.

Thanks for the bug report.



is this resolved?

Actually, I don’t understand what the original problem was, so if you still have problems, can you please post it again with more details?