Ultra96 shipping?

Placed an order more than a few weeks back but the part has not yet been shipped. Anybody else got their board ? If so how long did you have to wait?

The board is indicated as " Additional Stock Lead Time: 4 Weeks", was it already the case when you ordered the board ? AFAIK board is produced by avnet so I suggest you to raise a ticket to their support team to know more about the production status.

@fletch @craigx

Could you possibly answer this question?


We have shipped some boards. However, we didn’t have enough boards in this initial build to clear the backlog. We have another large build coming in the end of June which should clear the backlog, and then another order by end of July that will give us >1000 in stock.

Thanks for your patience!

For those following this thread, Ultra96 is now in stock at Avnet.