Ultra96 - Pre-built linux image DMA Driver missing

Hi ! I am building a project using the AXI_DMA IP in the PL of the Ultrascale+. I want to use linux on the cortex a53, but for some reason i don’t want to use petalinux to build the image. So I am using the Pre-built Image provided by avnet. I compile all my stuff with VITIS, generate the good device tree, etc…
Problems happen when it comes to create the linux application ( in the Application Project in vitis) :
Xilinx advices to use their Drivers . In my case I need the AXI_DMA Driver. I have the standalone one in Zynqmpfsbl BSP , but not the linux driver ! ( and also I don’t realy know where it should be located , in rootfs ? ).

So here is my question : Is there a way to integrante the Xilinx Linux Drivers from their Kernel in order to have them when I type #Include dmaengine.h ? I tried to call functions or include the dma headers but the buider does not find these files.

The only that can think of now is recompiling the kernel but I am new to linux drivers and I don’t have the right documentation to be able to do that.

Thank you for your time !

@fletch can you help on this?

Hello Gauthier,

I think the header file for the Xilinx DMA Linux driver may not be called “dmaengine.h”. I can tell from my Ultra96-V2 board that the dma driver is present:

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