UEFI serial console UP/DOWN keys do not work


I built UEFI from git and uploaded it to the board. Then I connected to UART3 and switched the board on. I pressed ESC key to enter to UEFI menu. ENTER key worked – after pressing it a submenu that allows to change language was shown. But I could not enter other menu entries – ‘Device Manager’, ‘Boot Manager’ etc. OpenPlatformPkg

How to fix this?

I was able to boot linux with the default settings, but I would like to change them.

edk2 branch hikey960_v2.5
OpenPlatformPkg branch hikey960_v1.3.4

Thank you

Funny. I managed to use UEFI by inserting a small delay between the symbols sent to UEFI. For example ARROW_UP should be sent as ESC, delay, [, delay, A. 10ms is too small, 1s is too big. 100ms works.

I don’t understand why. How can that be fixed?

And UEFI does not save values between reboots

use telnet if you are not using it already, mini-com and screen has issues.