Ubuntu lightdm crash

I have installed Ubuntu based OS on HiKey successfully. The FrameBuffer shows the display output and I could get into login prompt.
I could also enable WIFI on HiKey as well so I have access to Internet too.
I tried to install a Desktop on my OS but lightdm crashes and cannot load.
Is that because of graphic driver or framwbuffer issue?
is there any point about this that the Xserver does not work on other OS than Linaro Debian?

Hello my friend,
I exactly do have your problem. I was working to get the desktop working couple of months ago but because at that time only the server functionality was important to me, I ignored the issue or somehow I gave up.
But now, I backed and want to find out why the Desktop does not work on my HiKey.

I read somewhere that the Mali Driver cause the issue even for Frame buffer. Not sure maybe, but I haven’t found the approved Mali Driver Source to compile and test for HiKey.

Found that you also have the same issue. May I ask you if you have found any solution?

If you like we can discuss and see if we can solve this common issue.

I am not sure if your HiKey is from LeMaker or not. However, I think this forum is much better to dicuss this as people have this board in this forum are more than others: http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.php?gid=147