Ubuntu 32-bit image?

Is there a 32-bit Ubuntu image available for this board?

not that I am aware. however i have already used my own 32-bit images on DB410c, and making such an image shouldn’t be too difficult, i suspect. If you need help , let us know.

Thanks for the info. I do need some help. I’m new to building kernels so any instructions would be helpful. I’ve looked around linaro.org and found some guides but they’re geared toward ARM64. I understand that ARMHF is going away but I wanted to test some code built for an old system on the 410C before I decide to undertake porting over to ARM64.

hi, the kernel has to be an arm64 kernel. we do not support running 32 bit kernel on DB410c (e.g. APQ8016). So you can use the standard instructions to build the arm64 kernel.

On top of the arm64 kernel, you can run any 32 bit user space, such as an armhf Ubuntu rootfs.