Uboot i2c/spi TPM driver


Trying to use the Uboot with TPM over I2C/SPI interface. I2C driver for TPM is available part of uboot version but finding difficulty to make it working. Suspecting device tree definitions. Anyone have tried I2C devicetree for uboot or have latest uboot for dragonboard410c?


Hi skdragon,
do you still work on this topic?
We are working on the TPM integration in Linux and it would be great to allign our activities!
Besides that there is a TPM mezzanine card on the way for 96Boards coming from Arrow.


Hi Dieter,

Yes still plan for TPM. May I know whats the TPM part used?


we are working on a TPM Mezzanine card based on Infineon. I am willig to share more details per PM. Would this work?
Many thanks,


Sounds good, shall we discuss over email? can you share your email address?


Sure – you can reach me direct via

I am working as an FAE for Arrow here in central Europe and driving our 96Boards activities in Europe.

Looking forward to get in touch!