Is there any chance you will produce a board with the UART debug header pre-populated? It would also helpful if you could sell a USB-serial cable compatible with this board.

For the BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi, you can easily pick up standard USB-serial cables from Adafruit, etc.


It seems that you’re already working on this - I just stumbled across this in the CE specification:

In addition, for this community, CircuitCo Inc. plans to make available an initial low cost
maker mezzanine board that will provide the following functionality:

● I/O level shifters to 3.3V/5V
● 0.1” header for easy access to low speed expansion I/O at 3.3/5V levels
● Raspberry Pi compatible CSI camera FFC connector
● Arduino Uno compatible shield interface
● Standard UART connector interface

This board will connect to any 96Boards CE compliant board.

Is there a rough estimate of when the mezzanine board will be available?


Talking of level shifters, has anybody been brave/stupid enough to try talking 3.3V to the board? Mine’s just sitting there while I wait for my level shifter to turn up in the post.

So, I’ve soldered a header on and bought a 1.8V-ready USB/serial adaptor. But then I find that I can’t find the pinout for J16 anywhere in the schematics or docs. Mark Rutland has worked it out somehow so I came to the wiki to write it down and save others the bother, but it seems we don’t have a wiki, just a forum.

So not sure anyone will be able to find this post, but if you do, the key is:
2 TX
4 RX
And in case your eyesight is as old as mine, 1 is NW/top left corner when the board has the connector (J16) to the NW/Top left corner. (A pic would be handy about now).


Hi all,
Is there anyone can make the board print information on the PC through UART when the Hikey board boot ?

Turns out that the serial port pinout is in fact on page 7 of

The UART0 on J16 works for me… I dont have seperate monitor as of now… so connecting to my laptop console… But the issue is I get a autologin to root… Which I dont like… .Requesting one of the devs to help me disable this and login to my own user space (yes I can switch from root using su)… But I would love to have this auto root login gone… Any tips… Regular stuff like /etc/initab rc.conf were not found on device