U-Boot Panic DDR addr bus test: can't access memory @ 0xc0000004

I had my avenger96 sitting on my desk for a few weeks, no if I try to boot it, I am getting the following (pre?) u-boot panic:

NOTICE:  Model: Arrow Electronics STM32MP157A Avenger96 board
INFO:    Reset reason (0x15):
INFO:      Power-on Reset (rst_por)
INFO:    Using SDMMC
INFO:      Instance 1
INFO:    Boot used partition fsbl1
INFO:    Product_below_2v5=1: HSLVEN update is
INFO:      destructive, no update as VDD>2.7V
NOTICE:  BL2: v2.0(debug):
NOTICE:  BL2: Built : 13:13:37, Oct  2 2018
INFO:    BL2: Doing platform setup
INFO:    PMIC version = 0x10
INFO:    RAM: DDR3-1066/888 bin G 2x4Gb 533MHz v1.41
ERROR:   DDR addr bus test: can't access memory @ 0xc0000004
PANIC at PC : 0x2ffdf9d9

Exception mode=0x00000016 at: 0x2ffda000

Since nothing on the firmware side changed, I worry this is hardware. I need help in understanding what actually failed. I am guessing Memory failure perhaps?
I am using this sdcard image: https://releases.linaro.org/96boards/avenger96/19.10/
I have tried multiple sdcards so its not that.
I tried with a known good upstream uboot build that i had flashed on the av96’s spi flash, that has stopped responding as well, nothing on the uart at all.


I encountered the same problem (but with a different board), have you found a solution to your problem?

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