TZC-400 Support on the Hikey Board


I want to ask whether the hikey 920 or 960 boards have the TZC-400 component inside th SoC. The TZC-400 is described here. If not, is there any component in the SoC that can approximate the functionality of TZC-400 and is there any documentation on it ?


I don’t believe there is any public documentation on the TZC for either device. There is some code fragments for Hikey620 on the OP-TEE github that allow for a secure UART but I don’t think any other information is available:

So just to confirm, both the Hikey 620 and 960 SoC have the TZC-400 component, but its just not documented.

I’m afraid I don’t know what macro-cell they have used (nor what its capabilities are).