TSP hikey

did anyone ever try the TSP (Test Secure Payload) on the hikey board? I used the files from the juno (arm-trusted-firmware/plat/juno/tsp/) and had some problems regarding the saving and restoring of the context. Any general experience? Is it even possible with the old 96boards atf? The payload I try to run in the secure world is: FreeRTOS FreeRTOS ARMv8 secure

I already changed TSP_AARCH64 with TSP_AARCH32 and got FreeRTOS running but after a timer triggered (FIQ) in the secure world I get an exception when changing to the UEFI from bl31.

I would appreciate any tips on using the tsp with the hikey atf.

Linaro HiKey uses the OP-TEE dispatcher. The TSPD is probably not common. Can you provide more info regarding your setup and build instructions? Which fork and branch of atf are you using?

The FreeRTOS atf (https://github.com/virtualopensystems-kchappuis/arm-trusted-firmware.git, tspd_aarch32_service branch) was forked on Aug 11, 2015. The HiKey atf (https://github.com/96boards-hikey/arm-trusted-firmware, hikey branch) was forked on Feb 5, 2015, so it’s older. Is this what you’re using? There is a hikey-aosp branch which was forked on Mar 16, 2016, so it’s newer. Maybe you can try this by cherry-picking the FreeRTOS patches (1057c6e, f23fe4f, 3d6f16d) from the tspd_aarch32_service branch on top of the hikey-aosp branch and build it using the FreeRTOS provided instructions.

Most importantly, you’ll first need a port of FreeRTOS for HiKey. Is that even available?