This forum and 3 OSs

410c can run Linux, Android, and Windows (at maybe others too?)

Anyway I’m noticing the posts are all of the above mixed together - just wondering if as we go fwd this this there should be separate categories - for each of the OSs for sure - and under that maybe other sub-topics like networking, wifi, multimedia whatever.

Eh… what?
Android IS Linux. It would be terrible to separate on that.
And unless something changed… there is no windoze at all. Only some speculation that maybe they will one day in the future. No worries either way though, since windoze doesn’t actually do anything, so forum really shouldn’t have any activity.

The questions and support issues for Android and the Ubuntu distribution are highly different and it will eventually become mess. Don’t take my word for this ask the group or look at some other more mature groups to see how they are partitioned - notice for example Raspberry PI has forums for Raspian, Arch, Fidora, RISCOS, and other. Pretty much all the issues - like how to setup wifi, get apps, configure networking, which apps are available, repos, drivers, all are highly different between Android and Ubuntu. It’s nice to be able to go to the forum section that matches what you are doing which contains posts from others trying to do what you are doing.

Wrt Windows 10 on the 410c board it was demonstrated publicly at the MakeFaire launch of the board. So that will come too as a support topic.

I draw your attention to this info : Qualcomm Announces Support of Windows 10 for the DragonBoard 410c Development Platform and Mobile Device Reference Designs | Qualcomm

I further draw your attention to the 410c’s feature list - look under OS support: DragonBoard 410c - Qualcomm Developer Network

The questions and support on this product will always be hardware related. If you need general help for android or ubuntu, look to their own support system.

Post all the press releases you want, they don’t make something that doesn’t exist. That piece is speculative. Nothing is actually available, and if something was, basically nobody would be interested in it anyway. Putting windows on this hardware would be entirely counterproductive.

@matthewgrob as you suggest, we do need to separate out some discussions as they evolve and currently the only way to do that is with Topics and Tags. We have always planned that when discussions about particular topics need to be spun off into separate forums, we will do that. Now that traffic is picking up, we’re working on an FAQ and also some guidance about where to find and post particular topics. In doing that, we’re working out how to handle questions that apply to a single operating system, but work across multiple boards; questions about a single board that work across multiple operating systems; and then everything in between.