There's a HiKey 970 in the making

There is some indication of | hinting at a HiKey 970 board over at GitHub.
Would the board specs be similar | identical to a Huawei Mate 10 Pro ?
(Especially the 6GB LPDDR4.)

Linux kernel source tree for HiKey, HiKey960 and HiKey970 repo
and a HiKey 970 branch in the OpenPlatformPkg repo

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Is it possible to put RAM module not on top of SOC ?
for better cooling.


We can’t comment on this officially :slight_smile: but stay tuned, in particular Linaro Connect event…


Ha, that response is in fact a confirmation of a very soon to be HiKey 970.
The 19th March is not too far off. :slight_smile:

The vague Hikey970 PR information talks about on-board CAN controller (but i don’t see the “real” CAN connector) and also about on-board GPS (the MCX connector is visible).
Is there any technical information about which CAN and GPS chips
are used on hikey970 ?

CANH and CANL come out on a two pin connector on the underside of the

No clue on the chips, although given the Kiran 970 is a mobile chipset,
I would have expected the GPS to be built into the main chipset.

Does it already include the CAN bus transceiver (i.e. can it be directly connected to the 12V car CAN bus) ?

AFAIK, only qualcomm-based huawei handsets have (a low-quality) built-in GPS,
and all kirin-based devices use an external Broadcom GPS sensorhub (mainly BCM4774).

I can’t give a direct answer about what you can plug it into but it looks to me like the circuit is based around an MCP2515 controller connected to a VP230 transceiver.

Live and learn… yes, looks like hikey970 uses a BCM47531 .

ok, so it is really “ready to use”.

Great, such configuration makes a lot of sense for android.
Will be more difficult on Debian though, because you need a custom gpsd.

@danielt Could you please help me with how to send/receive messages on CAN controller?

@jainrahul1: I have never tried to use CAN on this board.