The Vivado tool is not detecting ultra 96 bard and FPGA is ot getting programmed

After powering the ultra 96 board, after pressing the power button, the hardware manager in vivado( installed on ubuntu) is not detecting the board and FPGA is not getting programmed

Please verify that the boot mode switches (SW3) are in the JTAG position (both switches “on”). The Vivado hardware manager won’t work if the switches are set for SD card boot.


Hi Sir,

Thank you for your response.

We are new to the fpga board working first time on the fpga board.

We have installed the software that came with the board on our serverT thst has ubuntu linux. Tried to connect the board to the server and switched on the power to the board. But the hardware manager is not detecting the fpga.

Later we connected the same board to our laptop which has windows 10. And the hardware manager was able to detect the fpga.

So we have set the boot switch in correct position. The hardware manager is not detecting the fpga on Ubuntu server.



When installing Vivado in Linux the installation of the cable drivers for JTAG access to the board is a separate process. Please see AMD Xilinx UG973 for instructions:

Please also check UG973 Chapter 2 to verify your installed version of Ubuntu matches what is supported by Vivado. For example, these are the operating systems supported by Vivado 2022.1: