Testing HIAI sample codes in Hikey 970

I am trying to run the sample codes provided by HIAI engine like Scene detect, video summarization etc on Hikey 970 board using android studio through Android Wifi ADB. When I run the program, it says "All packages are not available for download! The following packages are not available:

  • Package id platforms;android-P" . Then I click Install and run. The application opens in Android (Hikey 970) and I am able to select my image ( for eg: scene detect). Then when I click Scene button it gives me " VisionBase: Bind service Failed. SceneDetector: Can’t start engine, try restart app, status 521
    SceneDetector: convertResult no scene result " error. How can I run the sample codes in the Hikey 970 ? Anyone please help…!

If any one know this, then please help… I am not able to run it… I can successfully run it in huawei P20 phone but not using hikey 970. Am I doing something wrong or should I install something in hikey 970 to execute sample codes provided in HIAI engine ? Please help…!