Test tools for Wifi AP mode

I have the Linaro-Debian loaded onto the 401c board.
Able to use the “nmcli” to have AP mode enabled & using Android phone to connect.

Any suggestion for free tools on both Linux board and Android phone which can be
used for communicate testing at AP mode ?


Which kind of test? ping, iperf?

TCPIP, as I plan to use 401c as IOT platform, place it in AP mode for configuration mode.

If I understand correctly you application I would just use “hostapd”.
make the setup on /etc/interfaces and configure it on wpa_supplicant.conf.

I use it on NXP board but did not use it on Dragonboard (yet).
You find a lot of doc about the subject.

Thanks for advice.

Initially, I use iperf to confirm AP mode connection.
Finally, I installed apache2 onto Debian, now I can see default web page from Phone browser.
Can continue from here.