maybe I missed something but I find on way to get temperature values of the CPUs/board?
The ubuntu packe ‘sensors’, i.e. ‘sensors-detect’ also fails.
Can anyone point me to a solution (if there is any).
Thanks alot!


there are currently 2 thermal sensors accessible on the die, that we support in our release, located around the CPU0/CPU1 and CPU2/CPU3. You can read the temperature in sysfs:

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp

thermal_zone0 -> CPU0/CPU1
thermal_zone1 -> CPU2/CPU3

There are 3 other sensors which are not supported yet (on GPU, on Camera/ISP and on the modem)

I do in fact get 4 values for 4 listed thermal zones.
They are not identical but clearly connected. Could it be that by now each CPU has its own zone?


right… i forgot that we added the GPU and camera sensors. Actually you can see the definitions of each zone in the DTS file:


but that was with 15.07 release. in the very last 15.09 release only the CPU sensors are there… if that’s a big issue for anyone, we can add them back.

Oh yes. Frankly speaking I would appreciate if such things would stay constant.
Or at least not shortened.
Also the more information, the better. In particular on temperatures.
So I vote to bring it back in :slight_smile:

here we are: https://bugs.96boards.org/show_bug.cgi?id=108

thanks for reporting.