TB-96AI Toybrick Wi-Fi not working

Hello everyone,

recently I have a problem with the Wi-Fi connection with the “96Boards SoM Carrier Board” and the “TB-96AI SOM”. I have tested two different TB-96AI SOMs with both Debian and Fedora O.S. and the problem was that there was no Wi-Fi connection ( wlan0 or something like that didn’t exist in “sudo ifconfig” command).
So, I have two kind of problems:
The first one is that there is no Wi-Fi adapter connection either with the on-board I.C. or with USB dongle.
The second one is that there are no Linux-headers available on apt repository and I cannot build USB dongle drivers for each dongle (i.e. Archer T2U Plus AC600).
If someone knows how to troubleshoot these situations and suggest any alternative solution that I could try.

Thank you in advance!