System application DB410c


Does anybody know how to make a system application in the Dragonboard?. I read that I have to sign the application with the OS keys, but I am unable to find them. Anybody has a different strategy?

Thank you

Hi @matiastic

Sorry this post received such a deafening silence!

Just wanted to drop you a note that another topic turned out to be about a similar issue to the one you talked about here. Perhaps you’d like to join us in that thread?

Thank you very much danielt. Finally I was able to make a system application able to reboot and sleep the Dragonboard 410c. I did it by signing the application with the OS key (platform.x509.pem and platform.pk8).

If anyone has this requirement I can tell more in detail how I done it.


That’s a very generous offer! Thanks.

Out of interest, did you try installing the app in /system or did you go direct to changing the signing key?

The charcteristic of “system app” does not comes with the folder in which it is installed, but with the signature of the application. You can install the app anywhere.


Thanks for the feedback. I was a little out of date… and have learnt a bit more for the other thread.

If you are interested…

It looks like the concept of system apps (located in /system) were removed during the 4.4 dev cycle; they were replaced with privileged apps (located in /system/priv-app ). However the concept of signature apps (what you have done) remains in all recent releases.