Switching between Win10IOT and Android

Hi All,
On one my DB’s, I installed Win10IoT core and was able to successfully get the board working. Now I want to switch it back to Android and am not able to get the DB into fastboot mode. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Venkatesh

Try browsing to http://www.96boards.org/products/ce/dragonboard410c/docs/ and hunt down the instructions to install Android using a micro-SD card (it’s part of the DragonBoard 410c Android User Guide). When booting from uSD then fastboot (and everything else) will be loaded from the uSD card.


If you browse the web using Chrome then make sure you check the download bar at the bottom before reporting a broken link ;-). That bites me every time I try to read those manuals!

Hi Venkatesh,

Install the android image from SD-card. so that it will overwrite the windows boot partion.
fastboot does not list the android devices , because windows boot loader might be there. I also tried the same thing.

i installed windows-10 IOT (Successfully working).I flashed android image from sdcard. It’s perfectly working. If you have any issues let me know, i can help you in this scenario.