Supported cameras on DB820

We are currently using OV5640 camera on 820uSoM. Are there any other cameras that we could try out on the board without too much complications, e.g writing our own driver as a kernel module?

What if we were to write our own driver, can we choose any embedded MIPI-CSI camera we want or are there any compatibility issues with the DB820? How to go about setting the device tree?

Ov5645 has also been tested AFAIR. But that depends which image format you want to get. I would also recommend to look at existing drivers:

As long as it’s CSI2, it’s should work. For the driver it’s mostly about implementing v4l2_subdev ops and adding right nodes under mipi and i2c/cci nodes (AFAIk, there are some examples for 410c/ov5640).