Suggestions for OV5645, db410c and the Linux kernel 4.14

I am working with the latest Debian 18.01 release. I see that the 4.14 release has the driver for the OV5645. Great work!!!

I need advice about mezzanine boards and camera modules for the db410c.
1)is this only working with the JAL-OV5645-Y660B camera module or are there other modules?
2)is the AIStarVision the only mezzanine that I can use with the db410c and the OV5645?
3)I have a D3 mezzanine and have two OV5640s working with the older kernel (build 283). Are there any options for using the D3 with the OV5645? Would I need an adapter board to swizzle the OV5645 pins to match the expected pinout on the D3?

I’d be interested to know what other user’s setups are for working with the OV5645 and the db410c. All help appreciated.