Stinger96 - internet via USB

Hi, is it possible to connect the Stinger96 to the internet board via USB? Thanks.

You should be able to wire up a USB network adapter (as long as you make sure that the necessary drivers are installed) and use that for internet access.

Can I ask a webpage or step-by-step guide for that?

I would just try to wire up the adapter. There may be a decent chance of it just working.

If not, you can check the device id using lsusb and try to find which driver is needed for it. If that driver is not included, you will have to rebuild your kernel with that driver included (or build the driver as module).

After that, it is probably easiest to just make sure you got a DHCP client running on the device. Then things should work automatically. The exact steps depend on the concrete adapter that is planned to be used as well as the software set that you are running on the device.