Steps to bring up the Hikey 620 board using UEFI

Hello Everyone,

Can anybody share the sequence of steps to bringup the Hikey 620 board using UEFI
I’m completely new to UEFI


Please follow link to install and boot-up Debian on Hikey620 using UEFI (part of “fip.bin” image) as a boot-loader.

@skarmahe2017 If you want compile UEFI from source, please refer this doc:

Thank you so much Mani and Sumit.

After flashing flashing all the images boot the board using emmc.

But when trying to boot from sd card…it’s not taking that option! (But taking other option)Hikey620_Booting_fail_from_SD_Card|690x431

@skarmahe2017 Did you follow steps as per link to prepare SD card?