Standby Mode Android

I have a DB-410c with Android 5.1.1.

Its standby mode is adjustable from 15s to 30min.
I need to change the time from standby to an infinite time.
Can someone help me do this?

Thank you

Do you mean the application standby mode setting?

If so, you should be able to “disable” the app from Settings->App.

The settings of the operating system itself:

Settings> Display> Standby Mode

OK, so you want to prevent display blanking permanently?

Unfortunately, I’m unable to test this on my board at the moment but Google points to several articles showing a way using the Developer Mode → Stay Awake options.

I am using the 5.1.1 Android “image #99” from 96board and on Display I find the option “sleep” and set it to “never”.
Is this different for you? I do not have “standby” as an option.
The “developer” “stay awake” should make it as well.
Hope this help.