SSH into hikey960


Is there a way to SSH into hikey 960 board which is running linux on it


Please connect your Hikey960 board to network using Wifi or USB to Ethernet adaptor and ssh using the following command:

$ ssh linaro@<hikey960-ip>


Are there any default password for the debian/linux images on the hikey 960 board.
I have tried root,toor,linaro,oranil and so on but they do not work


For Linaro debian images, the default username is linaro and password is linaro.


linaro / linaro is not working for me for some reason. any other suggestion? thanks


What image did you install?


The image is taken from here: How to get Debian working , as described by @siteks, I’m using : wget

I am following the steps to fix the ufs issue , and indeed it is fixed. However ,HDMI is not working, I can only run using UART and login as root, there is no user linaro at all, I can’t ssh for root.
I ended up creating a user myself to allow for ssh login.


For login in as root, you need firstly change config in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

  PermitRootLogin yes

and restart sshd service:

  /etc/init.d/ssh restart

You need to change passward for root user with command ‘passwd’ and then you can use ssh to login in with root user.