Source of log for Hikey960 bootloader

Can someone tell the name of the source file from where these logs are coming?
I need the source for a project related to bootloader.

main: ******** Fastboot for Kirin *****************
main: ******** Build Date: Jun 2 2017, 17:34:24 **
main: ******** Fastboot start at 1930 ms **********


usbloader: bootmode is 1

Hi @dhiman,

This log is Hisilicon legacy booting images; for these booting images there have no open source code.

Alternatively, if you want to use complete open source booting images, you can use UEFI+ARM-TF; on the forum you can see many tickets are talking about this. You could see @ric has one video for this:

For detailed building steps, usually we can refer the doc:


Thanks a lot for the reply. I was looking into the source code you have mentioned and could not able to find much inside through log review. That is why I asked the question.