Source for Mezzanine LS stackable header connectors?


I see that Sensors Mezzanine board’s low-speed interface connector is a stackable 2-row by 20-pin through-hole connector with 2mm pin pitch. “Stackable” meaning it’s basically a female (receptacle) header that can accept a board on top, and has long pins that can plug into the baseboard.

Does anyone know of a source for these? I’ve searched at all the obvious US suppliers using all criteria I can think of. Plenty of such connectors for 0.1-inch pitch, and plenty of 2mm connectors of all genders and configurations except long pins for stacking. They must exist, but where?!




This particular part is not on the website.

The part used is from Yxcon, in their database the number is F243-1220xxxSUx1 w/ 8mm Pins.

You can source the part from SeeedStudio, the part number in SeeedStudio’s database is 320030164.

Datasheet can be found here.