Sometimes errors from Wifi stack


Wth Ubuntu 16.04 installed, just as the Wifi is enabled I have seen errors as below. I have only seen this a few timees… possibly 2 times out of 10 boot ups. Turning poweroff and restarting after some times the errors did not show again. When the errors were reported they were continuous and I could not type anything on the console to determine the IP address and possibly ping the address. When no errors IP/Wifi seems to work ok.

Is this because of possible problem with the specific I96 board that I have?

> [   39.001770] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_sdio_flow_ctrl_91e,392>: flows ctrl RXCMPL failed, count:30 over, return back
> [   39.002868] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_sdio_flow_ctrl,449>: wland_sdio_flow_ctrl_91e failed!
> [   39.003845] [RDAWLAN_ERR]:<wland_sdio_send_pkt,480>: wland_sdio_flow_ctrl failed!