[SOLVED] Stuck in flashing process


I have been using Hikey with AOSP for quite sometime now, today I tried flashing the latest AOSP it failed at sending ptable,
Then I tried flashing the original image which worked before, this is my console
rahulmahadev@hybridNeo:~/hikey_optee$ make flash
[sudo] password for rahulmahadev:
(’ Serial: ‘, ‘/dev/serial/by-id/pci-\xe4\x95\x87\xe4\x95\x8e\xe4\xa5\x8e_\xe3\x84\xb0\xe3\x8c\xb2\xe3\x94\xb4\xe3\x9c\xb6\xe3\xa4\xb8-if00-port0’)
(’ Image1: ‘, ‘l-loader/l-loader.bin’)
(’ Image2: ', ‘’)

(‘Sending’, ‘l-loader/l-loader.bin’, ‘…’)

FLASH ptable
< waiting for device >
target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
sending ‘ptable’ (7 KB)…

I have reflashed my bootloader and it works, sorry for posting, mods can delete this


Glad you got this solved!