[SOLVED] How to tag posts as solved

As you may already know, it’s very helpful to tags posts as solved/fixed so that it’s helpful for other users who find themselves in the same spot. I have been adding “[SOLVED]”, but there should be a better way of doing this. Just a checkbox or button that allows the reporter to hit “SOLVED” and that reflects on the entire post as against just the reply.

Hi Ashwin,

Per the webmaster what you’re currently doing, i.e. tagging posts as ‘solved’ or adding ‘solved’ to the topic title, makes the most sense since this is a forum which was built for discussion and the infrastructure doesn’t really allow for a check box to mark issue as solved. The other option is to create a sub topic called solved and move all solved questions into it, but moving threads around would just make them harder to find.

Thanks for your understanding.