Software Dev Kit

I am actually developing code for some different HiSilicon chip such as the 3536 or the 3516.
I have recently purchased this board to do some image processing, compression and decompression.
But I have a problem:

On other HiSillicon chip (3536 and 3516) we can find some program sample and library. Why can’t we do the same for this one? I haven’t found any example on the Internet.

The best would be to have an SDK with the board. Anybody know where to find one?

I have an SDK Hi3798CV200 demo board but it’s not working for the poplar. Anybody knows where to find a poplar SDK?

Thank you.

Hello fabigrav !
I am interested to see the SDK you have. Can you send it to me ?

Thanks you.

Hello Popry,

I am not sure I am allowed to share the SDK since it belongs to the company I’m working for. Let me ask my managers and I will be back to you.

Thanks you very much !

There is already flying on the Internet SDK for Hi3798cv200, unfortunately it is only leak of commercial SDK, as far as I know there is no any free-of-charge variant of the SDK.

Because it is more then 9 months ago when Linaro announced support of Poplar and nothing was released (if I didn’t miss something), I would not expect any free SDK in near future.

As the Hi3798 behaves very nicely (I have working set-top-box software Enigma2 on it) I wish all of us I’m wrong in my prognosis.


Hi honzapetrous, did you run the SDK you have on a linux poplar?
thank you


yes, I have successfully running such “grabbed-from-internet” SDK on Poplar. It comes with Linux kernel 3.18 and full drivers for DVB/multimedia parts of SOC.

FYI, I have on it working Enigma2 (open source set-top-box software). On DVB-T2 only, as Tocoding (Poplar’s vendor) didn’t release DVB-S2 tuner, unfortunately :frowning:

On the other hand, I must say the HW+SW (Linux) behaves very nicely! No any freezes and/or crashes!
So, nice HW (Poplar devboard, unfortunately with ZERO support from Tocoding) and also nice SW (HiSilicon SDK, unfortunately only commercial)