Slow (Input Lag and bad rendering) TTY / Console with HDMI + USB Keyboard

Hi Guys

I’ve disabled X and want to just use the TTY (1…6). This seems to run quite slow, I.e. there is significant input lag and some issues repainting / updating the console. I’m currently plugged into the board via HDMI and USB keyboard.

Note that X and an SSH connection run really well without any input lag or rendering issues. Is this a know issues with an easy fix?


Hi @vinnie,

Yes, when using tty (1 to 6) on hdmi disply, the speed of drawing the characters is slow,
since the Mali graphic diver is supporting only 3D hardware acceleration but not 2D hardware acceleration.

We would like to have 2D hardware acceleration in the future too, but the schedule in unknown at the moment.

Thanks Akira, it is not a show stopper.