Slow F2FS performance

I have performed some Androbench 5.0.1 benchmarks (default settings) on ext4 /data partition vs f2fs /data partition and found out that f2fs is much slower than ext4:

      ext4  f2fs

SR (MB/s) 470 160
SW (MB/s) 170 130
RR (IOPS) 39700 38600
RW (IOPS) 5600 3500

I wouldn’t expect such a difference, Is there anybody who can motivate this odd behavior?


I don’t know what kind of IO is performed by Androbench, did you try with an other Android device ? maybe you could also perform some manual tests with iozone or simply with dd.

Excuse me, I want to know how to change data partition to f2fs on Hikey960. I have tried some solutions, but it showed no /data label with /dev/block/sdd13.
Thank you a lot.

Look at the following: