Sim card daughter board for Hikey 960 or 620


Is there any sim card daughter board available for Hikey960 or Hikey620 board which can be used with android?

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I don’t think there is a mezzanine board with a modem in it but it is
usually possible to get 3/4G dongles working via USB.

Do you need to perform Audio call ?

I suggest the Huawei E3372 (LTE) USB dongle which works very well with Linux.
It works more like a gateway by exposing an ethernet over usb interface (CDC Ethernet Device)
than as a standard modem, meaning you don’t need do deal with modem specific AT commands…
That should make it operational out of the box on Android.

I need to run ISO7816-4 commands between bootloader and sim card.

OK, I over interpreted your need, but there is no mezzanine board supporting this.

So you should look at UART/SPI to ISO7816 converter. (or using this kind of board which seems overkill)

@Loic Thanks lot for the answer and the link.
Do you have any idea or doc or link about connecting that board to hikey 960 or 620?

Not really, I admit this is the first link I’ve found as example.
There is a documentation here.

Looking at the description, seems you only need to connect 5V/GND/UART-RX/UART-TX.
Then you should be able send ISO7816 PDU via the TTL-UART(at 115200).