Shut down not working


Does anyone have an idea why the board doesn’t power off after software command ? the board shuts down but after 5 second its starts up again.

I’m not sure as to the exact reason for that behavior, but I’ve seen other SBC’s that behave the same way. I think the WRTNode, RIoTBoard and the Cubieboard all do this, but would have to double-check. You can get the DragonBoard 410c to shut down, but it won’t actually power itself off, by issuing the command: ‘sudo halt’ from a lxterm/xterm/console terminal prompt.

You may already be aware of that though…

If I recall correctly the LeMaker HiKey board doesn’t reboot itself when using the ‘shutdown’ command from the window manager so perhaps they’ve done some customization of the shutdown process for their implementation.

This was unexpected turn of events because of this situation the board lacks the ability to be mounted in vehicles also this means that you can short out your board.


Are you doing a carputer? I don’t understand how the rebooting and short out your board is connected. Can you explain?


When i press the S2 under Android and select “POWER OFF” the board shuts down the android system and after 2 - 3 second it powers back on.

The intention is to make a small navigation for a car with a 7" touchscreen display.

Android is constantly writing to the emmc flash and repeated unplugs without a software shutdown would lead to file corruption.

When you want to power off the board what do you do? you just plug it ?

Thanks for the clarification. I will get my board next week. However, I’ve been doing some reading. Seems doesn’t have an OFF but a sleep function.

Look at the manual. Section 5.6

5.6 Power and Reset
The 96Boards specification calls for a signal on the Low Speed Expansion Connector that can power on/off the board and a
signal that serves as a board reset signal.
The 410c board routes the PWR_BTN_N (named PHONE_ON_N on 410c schematic) signal to the KYPDPWR_N pin of the
PM8916 PMIC. This signal is driven by S2 as well, the on-board power on push-button switch. Please note that the push
button only provides an On/Sleep function and not OFF functionality.
A mezzanine implementation of this signals should not drive it with any voltage, the only allowed operation is to force it to
GND to start the board from a sleep mode. A board shutdown will occur when this signal is held to ground for more than
15 seconds (based on the current Android release).
The 410c board routes the RST_BTN_N (named PM_RESIN_N on 410c schematic) signal to the RESIN_N pin of the PM8916
PMIC. This signal is driven by S4, the on-board reset switch. This signals is a dual purpose, any press lasting less than 10
seconds serves as Volume Down or Zoom out, a press longer than 10 seconds will reset the board.

Try pushing s2 for 15 seconds (if using android) to see if you have the same issue as with software shutdown.

Hi @@skybax,

The current specification does not mandate the 96Boards itself to power down from software.
We are considering to make a Mezzanine board to have this capability.

At the moment, I use ‘sudo halt’ command and wait for the kernel going to halt and unplug the DC jack to power off.


Mezzanine board could to the trick but if we are speaking of a addon board from my point of view a Uninterrupted Power Supply board connected on the GPIO equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery is more usefull dont you think ?

Regarding my situation were i want to use the board on a car do you see any way to stop the board? i will test tomorow to see how much power the board drains in sleep because its posible to drain the car battery.

Im opened to suggestions!


I want to do something simular which @Skybax wants to do. Shutdown is is must for the computer. Does putting to sleep and removing power can cause an issue?

There has 2 be 2 powers to the board; Main power and backup power. When main power is lost then backup power keeps the board on, then when the board knows it on battery power you have options.

1: Timed on then shutdown
2: Shutdown

There are other SBC which have made special boards to help. Don’t think it will help here but Here are a few:


I have attached a link to a small UPS add-on board for the Odroid C2 from hardkernel, this is somethin that we also neeed. its disapointing to see a board in such a rough state like de DC410c with so many issues.


Currently i’m afraid to test the GPS after seeing that so many people have issues with it.

I always run the dragonboard on batteries and have occasional AC (converted to DC) power from a wall wart to charge the batteries. If mounted in a car, it would take some time to drain the car battery. One thought would be to dedicate a second battery in the car for it, regardless of the shut down issue. In practice, I’ve ran out of battery many times and the file system doesn’t easily corrupt and I am not putting it to sleep nicely first.


I was going to go with the XU4 but already got my dragonboard. I should get next Tuesday. I will give somethings a try to see if going to work as I want. If not, then I’m going to go with my 1st choice and give that a try. What have you done so far with your board? What are you planning on doing with your Carputer?


To be honest with you XU4 was also my first option but the integrated GPS on the DB410c made me choose it as the “better” alternative.

Currently i invested another few bucks in a external passive gps antenna because the integrated one seems to have problems.

GPS passive antena link (ebay)

For the moment i just loaded a custom launcher on in for in car navigation system.

Last night i have received the touchscreen, which i didn’t have time to test if its compatible with this board, still waiting for the 7" LCD (1024x600) for it.
I really hope that it will work out of the box because i don’t want to stay and inject the drivers into Android.

I intend to add a small fan to the board powered by GPIO but i need to test if the fan stops when the board goes to sleep.
In idlle the CPU is at 60 - 65 celsius degree and from my point of view its to much if you take into consideration that in the summer you can have easyly over 40 degree ambient temperature.

I will document all the progress on my youtube channel Home Made Navigation System

Currently i’m designing a bracket to add on the back of the LCD that will hold the DB410C + touchscreen controler + lcd controler + fan.

On the board i need to make some modification like adding a “second S2 button” conected to the GPIO and also to add audio jack.

More things will follow.

+Akira Tsukamoto I’m using the Snapdragon Android build and I confirmed the POWER OFF restarts the board. This is not how Android is suppose to work. There are options (if you enable them) in android to restart also. This should be fixed in your android build. OFF should mean OFF.

I tested this on my db410c and after the shutdown the power-on reason is stated as:
[60] pm8x41_get_is_cold_boot: cold boot

So I’m pretty sure what you’re seeing is functional shutdown and then the board boots normally because you have AC power connected.



Hello, can you please provide us with some info regarding this matter because is it’s something software related maybe it could be patched.

Thank you,


Dose anyone know if the DB410c when is running the shut down procedure if its cuts power to the GPIO also in the case that the power is cut what is the last connector that has power ?


I don’t think there is a reliable pin for detecting if the board is on or not, but I’ve been using PIN35 (on the low-speed connector) for a similar thing; it’s enabled late during boot and kept on until the board is shut down - I don’t know how it looks during a reboot though.