Short intro to start your DragonBoard 410C with HDMI display

What you need:

Step by step procedure:

(Do not connect your AC adapter yet.)

  • Connect your USB Keyboard and mouse to DragonBoard 410C.
    Connect to the USB Type A connector.
    Do not connect to micro USB Type B connector.

  • Connect the HDMI cable to DragonBoard 410C and the HDMI display.

  • Check your DragonBoard 410C is not on top of conductive surface.
    For example, MacBook Air has aluminum surface which will short the circuit and damage the Dragone Board 410C

  • Plug your AC adapter and DC plug converter to DragonBoard 410C.
    You will see no LED on but do not panic. Current 96Boards do not have power on LED.
    Be patient about 30 seconds for the screen shows up on the HDMI display.

  • Have fun. :slight_smile:

  • For having more fun, please refer to documentation.™-410c-Home

I connected my TV through HDMI port and then connected the power (12V, 3A) adapter.
The LED near USB connector blinked for a moment and turned off. Patience…
Nothing yet on the TV.
After few seconds (about 15-20s) the yellow user LED turned ON.
Again after a delay of few seconds, Qualcomm snapdragon logo (boot animation) started.
Then the green wallpaper of Android.

I hadn’t attached any keyboard, mouse yet.
I did this for 2-3 times and then thought of using my USB-BT Targus mouse.

After connecting it and starting the board… it took quite some time to get the boot animation.
(I don’t know whether it was due to the Android getting updated)
Yellow user LED was ON for quite a longer duration. I waited.
This time instead of qualcomm boot animation, it showed me “optimizing Android apps 4 of 127”.

It completed and booted to Android.

Thought of connecting to my WiFi. But alas… there is no on-screen keyboard when I click in password textbox.
Need to check more.

Has anyone enabled/seen on-screen keyboard?

I followed the steps, but my dragonboard is just blinking for afew seconds after powering it then die forever?
I tried to flash it with ubuntu using a micro usb, but the same thing happens, flashing for few seconds then die??

Is there a way to change the screen resolution on Android? I have bought a 5" HDMI touch screen and the DragonBoard is not displaying Android correctly.

Hello, I did install Android but I cant get video… then re-flash to Linux without problem.
Is there something I am missing ?