Share a file between Board and laptop

Newbie question here.

Often times I wanted to share some text between laptop and the Board. But traditions means of emailing to myself and opening the email is difficult because the browser hangs whenever I am opening any website/email (I hope I am not the only one facing this).
What is the best way to do this?

OS on Board: Linaro Ubuntu.
OS on Laptop: Windows.


I have updated to the latest Debian release. Thankfully, the browser is working much better in this release. You should not see the browser hangup that you saw with Ubuntu.


Hi Seahawk,
For Linaro Ubuntu, I enable internet connection on the board.
Getting its IP address (hostname -I) and then doing scp from my Windows host .

Here is a cheat sheet on using SCP from the command line (You need Cygwin+ SCP) on windows for this.

If you prefer GUI, then SCP can be done through the putty tool too.


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Hello Sean,

How do I upgrade to latest Debian. Is it different from Linaro Ubuntu (Sorry I am new to this).?
I already did
sudo apt-get update/upgrade
I still have problems with browser.

update/upgrade will update you within a release. It will not take you to the next release.


Make sure that you have backed up every file you would like to keep and all settings, such as MAC address, etc. All files and settings are erased during this upgrade.

Follow this link and scroll to the bottom to find the link to the update. It is reply 9958

The file is currently .


If you have forgotten how to update the board using an SD card, look here