Setup DragonBoard 410c as hostspot


Hi there -for now, all i want to do with this board is set it up as wifi hostspot on Debian install

Any pointers, comments, thoughts on that?


Hello Singh, according to my definition, a wifi hotspot requires a 3G or 4G or GSM network. If it is what you have in mind then, on my actual knowledge of the Dragonboard, it does not handle the GSM network. But it could be that I do not understand the context. :slight_smile:


To get the DB410C to act as a wireless AP try the following:

nmcli connection add \
    type wifi \
    ifname wlan0 \
    con-name WirelessAP \
    autoconnect no \
    ssid 96BoardsHotspot
nmcli connection modify WirelessAP \
    802-11-wireless.mode ap \ bg \
    ipv4.method shared \
    wifi-sec.key-mgmt wpa-psk \
    wifi-sec.psk "TopSecret"
nmcli connection up WirelessAP

This should automatically route things to whatever network is available (tested OK for me with 16.09 using a USB ethernet device; however it you have a 3G dongles (that works on Linux) then can also be used be shared using this method.


Thanks @danielt.
The above steps are working for db820c too.