Setup Difficulties

I am having difficulties setting up the i96 for the first time. I have an sd card which I have flashed the ubuntu server image to ( Next Installed the pl2303 driver and hooked up the ttl. When I connected the driver said “PL2303HXA Phased out since 2013”. How do I connect to the board? Putty just beeps at me when I attempt to connect. I downgraded the driver to a older version but it doesn’t seem to like the 921600 speed and also will not connect.

How do I connect to the board?

A couple of things are a bit confusing in your message;
“Installed the pl2303 driver” – how? What do you mean by this?
“PL2303HXA Phased out since 2013” – what said this? It certainly wasn’t the driver, which does NOT contain that string;

Most distro kernels should be built with the pl2303 driver enabled as “CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_PL2303=y” and therefore will NOT require you do to anything beyond just plugging the dongle in. It will then automatically be registered as /dev/ttyUSBx

The pl2303 driver was on the windows machine. And the device manager had the phased out error.
This is the machine which I am trying to connect to the pi to change the network settings so that I can then log in and begin working.

I am new to this board so I am making assumptions based off of the docs, but it is my understanding that I have to have an sd card with the proper OS installed, then connect the serial debug to connect to another computer(windows/linux) to initially set up the os (wifi) which then I can connect and ssh like a normal linux distro.

Initially I tried the ubuntu image linked on the website.

I see. Then there is an easy solution: don’t use windows. That will do nothing but frustrate you because nothing ever works on it.

ok, which program do I use on ubuntu to make that initial connection to the board?

Any that you like.

screen, cu, minicom, putty, etc.

Personally, I usually use screen, you would launch it with something like screen /dev/ttyUSB0 921600