Seting up shared folder between host machine and Dragon Board 410c

I want to set up shared folder between host machine (ubuntu VM on windows 8.1 host) and dragonboard 410c ( linaro linux ). please tell me the procedure.

There are several ways depending on your usage.

I often use sshfs which is quick to setup and widely supported:
$ mkdir mountpoint
$ sshfs root@dragonboard-410c:/path/to/your/file mountpoint
after usage
$ umount mountpoint

If you want to make this persistent you need to edit your /etc/fstab accordingly.

Note that this is not the best protocol for performance.
You can also have a look at nfs or samba solution.

When i try sshfs i got followiing error
read: connection reset by peer
what might be the problem. Please help me out

Hi @vijay,

What is the command you used? I always use below command to set up sshfs between DB410c and my PC.

$ sudo sshfs -o allow_other linaro@ /mnt/shared

This will mount root at /mnt/shared.

Hope this helps!


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