Sensors in Dragon Board

Dear All,

I want to know what are the sensors are available with this board?. I want to read temperature/pressure values through android application.

Ashok R

Hi Ashok,

Both the Linker mezzanine card starter kit and Grove Starter Kit offer a variety of sensors for the board. You can get more info here:


Hi Vchong,
I do not want to interface any board, just want to use internal sensors in Dragon Board.
Or ADC is available with Dragon Board?

Ashok R

Looking at the hardware manual ( there are no internal sensors or ADC listed, so you’ll have to get your own ADC and sensors to connect to the board.
You can go to for a reference of how the linksprite ADC and sensors are connected to the LS expansion port.

Ok, Thanks Vchong.

Actually i worked with UART1 , initially i was able to make communication between PC and board with voltage level shifter IC,
reading ttyHSL0 works then sending text file via ttyHSL0 also works independently. Later on-wards the board receiver stops working , and if i connect tx rx lines it started sending junk data. when ever i restart it
shown the error message “gbam_connect_work: Bam channel is not ready”

If this UART could works, i can use diffrent MCu for processing my Sensors.

Ashok R