Sensor mezannine board, Aurdino Uno board?

I am following the instructions in section 3 of the following document for measuring the power consumption of the Dragon board (and after that for Wifi and CPU).

in this document, it has mentioned that we need to connect the INA219 to the sensor Mezannine board to measure the power. the problem is that the sensor mezannine board has to ship from China and it takes a long time. I was wondering if I can use “Aurdino Uno board” instead of “sensor mezannine board”.

Hi @amati,

I have not tried it personally but connecting the INA219B

to the Arduino Uno seems to work by reading this post

Hi @Amati:

When I wrote the power measurement doc, I was trying to keep it as simple as possible to do the connections. The only parts of the sensor’s board I am using is the I2C level shifters, and the easy to plug into connectors. You need to get the 1.8V I2C signals on the Low speed connector up to 3.3 or 5V levels so that they can work with the INA219 board. You can use a discrete level shifter board and some Arduino Jumper wires to achieve the same thing. There are lots of level shifter break-outs available, there is just one example

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