Sensor hub on hikey 960


I am currently looking for a board for context hub prototype development. I can see 1-6 page in hikey960 reference manual a block diagram having Cortex M3 and sensor hub. It looks like a good platform to develop but no other information anywhere in this context.
Can somebody from hisilicon help me in understanding this part of SOC so that I can take this platform for my development ?


Hi @Tushar, AFAIK the sensor hub on Hikey960 has not been enabled; but I am not quite sure if there have plan to enable/open it. So let me check internally and get back to you.


Thanks leo,
What I am more interested in is the communication between LP Cotex M3 core and Application processor ? Please let me know the status.


Hi @Tushar, I confirmed with landing team, there have no plan to open source sensor hub related code (More accurately, the sensor hub now is NOT enabled.)

On the other hand, below are some info for Cortex M3 (LPM3):


Is this code currently enabled in kernel (compilation) ? Is there any test app to test the communication working ?


Yes, the mailbox driver has been enabled by default in the kernel. You could refer stub clock driver, which uses mailbox to communicate with LPM3: