Secure96 and Android on Hikey or Hikey960


Does hikey or hikey960 supports secure96 mezzanine?
If yes then is there any documentation available?

In principle, it should work with any board that properly implements the 96boards CE low speed connector, including hikey/960.

The board provides a TPM via SPI, a bunch of peripherals via I2C and an FTDI device on LS-UART0.

All should work but there is no documentation on configuring the hikey620 or hikey960 to use this board (in principle they just need to be described in the device tree and they are available in kernel), I also think it unlikely that there is much Android infrastructure to exploit them.

Finally note that almost every 96Boards CE device puts on the console on LS-UART1 so using the secure mezzanine makes it very difficult to access to the serial port unless you also tweak the image to put the console on a different serial port.

It looks to me like the ftdi chip is there exclusively as a console access (even though its on the wrong port). It doesn’t actually use UART for anything that is relevant to the purpose of that mezzanine. So the only real issue with its UART access, is that its blocking access to UART-1.

If console debug is not needed, then there shouldn’t be any problem with it.
If console access is needed, then like you suggest, it can be reconfigured, well at least from the kernel forward, to use the other UART port, OR as an alternative, use of a stackable mezzanine between the SBC and the secure96 that will provide access to UART-1. For instance, the sensors mezzanine is stackable, and provides access to UART-1 via USB. Noting, of course, that the sensors mezzanine has UART-0 attached to the microcontroller, so UART-0 will be out of commission altogether.