SDW Debugging Carbon (STM32) using Bus Blaster v3

Hopefully this will save someone some pain:

***** Download and OpenOCD from Git

git clone

Ensure you have this patch:

./bootstrap && ./configure && make && make install

***** Flash new F/W onto BusBlaster to enable SWD

git clone
cd busblaster/synthesis
openocd -f board/dp_busblaster_v3.cfg -c “adapter_khz 1000; init; svf system.svf; shutdown”

***** Create config file

cat >openocd-swd.cfg <<EOF
reset_config srst_only connect_assert_srst
source [find interface/ftdi/dp_busblaster_kt-link.cfg]
transport select swd
source [find target/stm32f4x.cfg]

***** Connect Bus Blaster to Carbon

BusBlaster Carbon

TCK ──────────────────────── CLK

TMS ──────────────────────── DIO

STRST ────────────────────── RST

VTG ──────────────────────── V3.3

GND ──────────────────────── GND

NB: STRST is a typo on the BB’s silk screen – should read SRST

***** Fire it up

****** Start OpenOCD

openocd -f openocd-swd.cfg

****** Telnet to OpenOCD’s interface

telnet localhost 4444

Open On-Chip Debugger
> reset halt

****** Start GDB and connect to OpenOCD

arm*-gdb <program>
(gdb) target remote :3333

Thanks Lee. I’m using a hacked about STLink at present but when I get by BBv3 back…